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  Welcome to your child's classroom.                                                           

  Our program is tailored to meet the needs of each student. We focus on the ages from two to nine. As a Montessori program we are constantly evolving and changing our activities to encourage autonomy and growth in each child.

  Our objectives are to help the child develop independence as a learner, to have comfortable and productive peer relations, to learn those basic skills and concepts necessary for intellectual development, to be aware of and to organize their environment in terms of  his or herself, to establish for the child effective learning strategies and to kindle an excitement for learning.

  We provide your children with a first-class Montessori education.  

  We focus on children ages 2 to 5 years of age at our Willowcreek campus. 

  We require all of our teachers to be Montessori Certified and classroom tested.  
  We put your child’s future first!  

  We encourage you to come to our school and see what we have to offer in terms of the quality of our facilities and curriculum.

   As parents of three children, back in Seattle in 1971 my husband and I had to do what your doing now, try to find the best school for your children. We were fortunate to have a Montessori school nearby. I was as fascinated as you will be, to the positive atmosphere that a properly operated Montessori school has to offer. It effected me so much that I went to work for that school, got my teaching credentials and degree in Education and eventually opened our own schools in Sandy, Utah.  
   Patricia Widmer
   Owner / Administrator For 38 Years

Kid Ed Montessori

Montessori School of 


   Serving Salt Lake City and the South Valley since 1977